The Bible informs how we Love?

The First Baptist Church of Greenville, South Carolina is one the most historically important baptist churches in America particularly for Southern Baptists. We share the theological and doctrinal identity of that congregation from 150 years ago. But sadly, today we couldn't be farther apart. Back in May, that congregation "declared...that it would allow same -sex marriage and ordain openly homosexual ministers" (See Mohler's Article). They have given us yet another example of where the church will go once it walks away from the full sufficiency and inerrancy of Scripture which occurred quite some time ago. They are but another example of a congregation embracing the deception that to love one must condone and approve of everything particularly homosexuality. This is certainly not biblical love but how does true love respond? Or does it respond at all? With these questions in mind, check out Ray Comfort's short movie Audacity.