Since 2013 Grace Baptist Church has existed. We are a body of believers who came together because of our dedication to standing on God’s word and God’s word alone.

In 2013 Mike Frazier left his position of being a pastor of a church for 15 years to follow God’s will for him and his family even though he was not sure what exactly God’s will was for them. It turns out God had plans for Mike to start a new church that was grounded on strong theology and a deep love for one another.

For the first few months Mike preached under the carport of one of our dedicated member’s house. The church made it through the rough season of an uncomfortable “living” environment and soon another member opened up his shop for the church to move into. This shop would be transformed into a sanctuary and become home base for around 5 years until 2017 which is when the church decided it was time to give the shop back to it’s owner and rent a place out(where we are meeting at currently in Lakeland) meanwhile also making plans to build a new church home(construction is happening right now in Naylor).

With all this going on Mike met another former local pastor by the name Cobie Tomlinson and soon Cobie, his wife Ashley, and their newborn baby boy would join Grace Baptist Church and that would lead to Cobie becoming the other half of the elder board.

When it comes to members, not all who started with us stayed for the long haul. The congregation looks different today and that is simply because as time went on, God sent people off and brought people in. The personality of Grace Baptist started to be born. No longer was Grace Baptist known as the church who “used to be” but rather became the church “who is.”

Grace started with Mike and Mike set in clear stone the foundation of who we would become. By God’s grace he instructed Mike on where GBC would be theologically, denominationally, and geographically. GBC has really took shape since its conception the goal is to continue to become the people God has created us to be. We are not first Mike’s church or “that reformed church” but rather we are first created in the image of God to be the means unto which God reaches the world. Though many things contribute to who Grace is on a personality level, our identity is solely in Christ, everything else is details.

Those details we encourage you to check out in the “About Us” tab.