God has blessed us with humility at Grace to understand that we do not have it all figured out. Who does though?.. That's why at Grace we love to read and for the best of our people and anybody at all influenced by Grace Baptist's ministries we want to encourage you to check out some of the resources that have helped us and we pray will help you. We do encourage you though not to take these resources as substitutes for the gathering of the local body of believers. This should only be supplemental to your involvement in a local body of believers whether at Grace with us or with one of our fellow sister churches. 

A Quick overview of the Categories for our recommendations:

We have four main pages of suggested reading. These are very broad categories so if  there is a specific sub-category you will be interested in just take note that we have our resources split up into easy and manageable sub-categories in each page. For example if you are interested in books on Marriage and Family that will fall under the Christian Living page. When it comes to the local church or books on being a minister that will fall under Theological Studies. We hope this makes your navigation easier as you start your journey on growing deeper in your faith.

Apologetic Resources


Christian Living

Theological Studies