Podcasts and YouTube

The new wave for media and information currently has been through platforms like YouTube and Podcasts. It seems like everyday I hear or meet someone who has started their own YouTube channel or Podcast. Though we at Grace have not jumped in this massive wave we understand how critical it is. So we have created this page just to share some of our own favorites.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are easily the best way for me to keep up with the news. Interviews with some of the greatest but often most unknown minds in the world have made their break on Podcasts. If you do not know what a Podcast is think about just two guys with recording mics having a conversation with one another about what’s going on in the world. Have you ever had such a great conversation with someone before that you wish you could’ve recorded it? Well, people have started recording their conversations and these conversations are really great most of the time. Not only can you hear conversations from two regular guys but also you can your news through men like Albert Mohler and even catch up with sermons from your favorite pastors in your area or around the world. It’s a great tool and we hope you enjoy our recommendations.


The Briefing


The Briefing

The Briefing is an informative look at the culture from a Christian worldview. Essentially if your news caster was a devout orthodox Christian who was honest, balanced and informed about what they were presenting you would have “The Briefing.” This podcast is hosted by Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has devoted a massive amount of time to present the stories he tells truthfully.

knowing faith.jpg

Knowing Faith

Knowing Faith is a podcast from the same church body but is more on theological issues. If you have questions like: “Can you trust your Bible?”, “Are Catholics and Protestants one big family?”, and “Is God three in one?” this will be your podcast to go to. They are very well educated leaders in their church one of whom is Jen Wilkin who is an author and speaker often at The Gospel Coalition conferences. The other two hosts are JT English and Kyle Worley, staff as well at The Village Church. These three bring you the podcast Knowing Faith, built to dive into tough theological conversations that answer the questions you have probably asked.

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Culture Matters

Culture Matters is more of a conversational format about different big topics going on culture. If you’ve asked about it, they more than likely have talked about. The hosts are just regular guys who have given their time to address different movies, television shows, music, political events, etc. from a Christian worldview. These guys are gracious and are very quick to listen to other people’s sides when it comes to disagreements. They seek inform their audience about what is going on in our culture today and how we should handle it rightly.

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Doctrine & Devotion

Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler are two of the pastors at Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, IL. These guys keep the conversation on faith and practice going from a Reformed Baptist perspective and from lots and lots of humor. The chemistry between these tow guys is unbelievable at times but very encouraging as they demonstrate a true friendship that has laughs and hard conversations. They together have tackled topics from “The Five Points of Calvinism” to current issues in the Southern Baptist Convention. One of their more recent series of episodes has been on the chapters of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. If you want to hear men approach theological and sometimes cultural issues from a Reformed Baptist perspective then try out Doctrine and Devotion.


Love Thy Neighborhood

Love Thy Neighborhood is a great story telling, challenging, high quality podcast that will break you down emotionally. The podcast takes on real life stories of people(Christians) living out their faith in practical settings. They tackle some of the most emotionally intense topics and dive into every corner of someone’s life to give you the full understanding on what the Christian life looks like when you live it out. This is a great podcast if you are wondering how Christians are suppose to live their lives.

What is YOUTUBE?

YouTube is a video sharing website. Pro Church Tools calls it a search engine though. Why? Because many millennials instead of going straight to Google to ask a question will go to YouTube and ask the same question seeking to find a well crafted video to explain the answers to the questions they have. YouTube is big for Vlogging. Vlogging is the video form of Blogging. Just like with Blogs, Vlogging is a way to answer some of life’s toughest questions without having to go through the pains of reading. Vlogging is not just a way to answer questions though, it is also a way to model how to live life a certain way. Christian’s have achieved success in both forms of Vlogging, that of answering questions and modeling a lifestyle. Below are some of our favorites.


The Gospel Coalition

If you follow our churches Facebook page at all you know we love The Gospel Coalition. Most of the video content we share comes from this organization. It is a fellowship of Reformed churches that has men like Timothy Keller, Matt Chandler, John Piper, and D.A. Carson on it’s roster. They have held many conferences over the years where panels and sermons have been recorded and shared through YouTube online. If you had to get some of the greatest evangelical Reformed Minds in a room together you would see the conversations that The Gospel Coalition has. If you are wondering how your church can get better at having a Youth Ministry, or what the dangers in having a Pastoral Calling on your life is like, you would be greatly encouraged to find countless amounts of video resources dealing with those very questions and concerns.


Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke is the best of both worlds. He has took on vlogging in both forms(informational and modeling). I cannot think of anyone in the Christian community who has had as much success and pull from the mainstream world as Jeff. He and his wife Alyssa model what its like to follow God’s word in every area of life, from raising kids to building community around them. Jefferson got his start on YouTube as a spoken word artist. One of his videos took off though and went viral over night. His video was called: “Why I hate religion but love Jesus.” In this video Jefferson explained the difference in grace and legalism that shocked the world. He connects the age gap bringing orthodox thinking from men like Timothy Keller and Francis Schaffer to millennials and gen-z in a eye catching way. Jefferson Bethke is a great model for young men with his wife who is a great model for young women. Together they are a team leading a generation to understand who God is in an intimate way.


Joseph Solomon

Musician, poet and speaker Joseph Solomon is another young guy greatly influenced by minds like Timothy Keller and R.C. Sproul. For years now he has created a section of his YouTube channel called ChasingGodtv where he explains some of the deepest concerns of the Christian faith. He has devoted time and energy into living out his faith by discipling others as you will see in his videos. He shows what life is like in his home church as well as how as a Christian we can rightly read and study our Bibles. Much like R.C. Sproul, Joseph does a great job at communication lofty ideas in simple and compelling ways.

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The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a great resource when it comes to understanding the books of the Bible as a whole. This youtube channel is an animated way of getting a grasp on what each book of the Bible teaches us. Its great story telling as well as great animation brings the books of the Bible to life in a different way by showing in a very descriptive way how all of the Bible comes together and paints a beautiful picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have went through each book of the Bible continue doing word studies and theme studies. This will be a great resource especially for preteens and teens.