God has called every Christian to serve and to reach the lost with the Gospel. This mission have been called to is of utmost importance to us and because of that we value deeply the opportunities we have been given. We think about them deeply and go into them with intentionality to love God by loving people.

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Nursing Home

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday an hour after service has ended(1 pm) a group from Grace Baptist make their way to the Lakeland Villa Nursing Home to hold a second service. Nursing homes tend to be the place of the forgotten. People are brought their by their families and way more often than not are left their and forgotten. A few people at Grace seen this need and decided to act on it and for months now have made it a point in their schedules to go build relationships with some of the residents at this nursing home. There is a small version of a church service where a couple hymns are sung and Pastor Mike preaches a short message. Because of this being done people at Grace have thankfully filled a need in our community that needed to be filled.

Service time: 1pm Every 1st and Third Sunday @The Lakeland Villa Nursing Home


Food Bank

Southside Baptist Church has a food bank open from 8-10 am every third Saturday in their gym. A group of us heard about this opportunity and wanted to get involved. Feeding families who are struggling financially to provide food on the table has been a great blessing to us as we have built relationships with people and have gotten to know our community in a deeper way. This is a hands on way to love your neighbor and get to know them.

Service Time: 8-10 am Every 3rd Saturday of the month @Southside Baptist Church