Biographies: Real Stories of Real people

Biographies and memoirs can seem silly to some people. "Why should I read about someone else's life when I have my own?" That's typically the response I get when I recommend a good biography to someone yet reading someone else's story is not done because my life is so boring and uninteresting. Reading a Biography or memoir is great because you can learn from other's mistakes or successes. You can be engaged with your fellow brother and sisters in Christ even though you may never actually meet them in person. You can read the story of a man like lecrae Moore who is an artist in the 21st century and hear how he has navigated through modern American culture as a Christian musician or go back in time to hear about John Calvin's resolve to see Christ in every square inch of his city. You can hear of Spurgeon's struggle with depression and see how his church surrounded him during these times with prayer and encouragement as well hear of Jonathan Edward's fight against his own fleshly desires as he strived to make Christ the center of  his life. Love your brothers and sisters enough to hear their stories. Their pitfalls and their victories. Hear about how Christ radically changed their lives for the better and be encouraged by it. Here are some of our favorites.